Committed to strengthening families and marriages in Anaheim and throughout Orange County

Alma Family Care Center (AFCC), is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to strengthening families, keeping marriages together, and helping at risk children within Latino communities.  We help equip families, couples and individuals through a variety of highly effective educational programs designed to strengthen every aspect of the family dynamic.  We believe that engaged parents and healthy couples set the foundation for improving the educational skills, economic conditions, and social welfare of Latino families. Our services are FREE of Charge to the Public largely in part to grants and financial support from caring individuals and organizations.

ALMA FCC is an Anaheim Family Resource Center that provides educational services and programs to help strengthen families and marriages. Below is a partial list of services that we currently provide couples, families, and individuals. Please contact us if you do not see a program that you are seeking:

We firmly believe that education with ongoing caring support will help build stronger families and keep marriages together that result in fewer divorces and dysfunctional relationships. AFCC is committed to collaborating, supporting and complementing the efforts of local schools and community programs that provide parents critical life skills to help raise healthy children that are passionate in making a positive contribution to our society as a whole.

We welcome the opportunity to partner and participate in a national effort to strengthen Latino families and help bring about positive change in our communities through the delivery of effective educational programs.

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