ALMA Marriage Retreat in Anaheim For Spanish Speaking Couples

An impactful weekend retreat for couples who want to enrich and improve their marital relationship!

Our ALMA Marriage Retreat offers couples an opportunity to enhance their relationship by learning effective techniques of communication, problem solving, and the languages of love that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Healthy marriages are the strength of our nation so make the greatest investment in life by investing in your marriage relationship. You will learn practical skills on how to overcome past mistakes so you can focus on the present reality of making your martial relationship better.

Our marriage getaway, also known as “48 Hours of love,” will enrich your marriage relationship. Couples learn new ways to grow closer by improving their communication and listening skills. They deal with issues that harm their union and find effective ways to better their union.

500+ couples have participated and benefited from our marital workshops that strengthen marriage relationships to help them stay together and avoid divorce.

“Our marriage is at the point divorce, how will this retreat help me?”

There have been many couples who have attended the retreat in a last ditch effort to save their marriage from divorce. The retreat has renewed their desire and given them the tools they need to give their marriage another try. Even if only one partner wants to save their marriage, this retreat has made a significant contribution in keeping a couple together and their family intact.

“How can I make my marriage last?

This is one of the most important questions that a martial partner can ask themselves. Marriage relationships require hard work and constant effort to help strength the bond of love. If you have premarital questions or are interested in one of our upcoming Marriage Encounter Weekends in the cities listed below, please contact us for more information:

“But we don’t have problems in our marriage!”

It’s great to hear couples say these words, however, why settle for a good marriage when you can learn new ways to maximize your martial relationship? The marital retreat is not a marriage clinic or therapy session. Every husband or wife has areas for improvement and the ability to grow in love by learning new ways of making their partner happy and fulfilled.

What benefits will this marriage retreat bring me?

There are many benefits in attending this retreat. Hundreds of couples have benefited from our retreat and use what they learned to strengthen both their marriages and families. We live in a fast paced society and are so involved with the pressures of work, raising children, and daily responsibilities that we tend to neglect the marriage relationship which gradually grows worse if neglected. The retreat provides couples times of refreshment to rediscover the qualities of their spouse and fall back in love once again. Below are a few testimonials.


  • “If it wasn’t for this ALMA marriage encounter, we would not be married. It helped us deal with specific areas in our relationship that were tearing us apart and destroying our family. We talked about issues that we both ignored and discovered new ways of renewing our love on a daily basis. It had such a positive impact in our marriage relationship, that we paid for our parents to attend an ALMA retreat. We highly recommend it to all Hispanic couples and  many, many thanks to all of you!” (Juvenal and Lili Peña)
  • “It was the most beautiful, significant and joyful weekend that we have ever experienced.” (José Luis and Gladys Cáceres)
  • “I knew my husband loved me and had feelings for me, but this weekend helped me understand the deepness of his affection and care for me. We had an incredible time and recommend this encounter to all couples who desire to strengthen their marital relationship.” (Carlos and Veronica Salinas)

What Happens At The Marriage Retreat?

Many interesting things! We cannot divulge all of the surprises and unique things we do. The couples that have gone through the retreat are asked to maintain confidentiality in keeping what we do a mystery so couples who have not yet attended, will enjoy it to the fullest.

Everyone enjoys great food, comfortable accommodations, high impact sessions, and private moments with no distractions from the outside world. All the needs of each couple are addressed with personal care and utmost attention.

Are We Required To Share Private Issues?

Absolutely not! You will meet and interact with new couples and eat meals together, however, you are not forced or required to share anything unless you wish to do so. There are marital counselors on the premises who are available to answer your questions or concerns if you request their assistance.

Upcoming Marriage Retreats in Southern California Cities (In SPANISH only at this time):
  • Anaheim Marriage Retreat (Spanish Couples)
  • Corona Marriage Retreat (Spanish Couples)
  • Inland Empire Marriage Retreat  (Spanish Couples)
  • Los Angeles Marriage Retreat  (Spanish Couples)
  • Orange County Marriage Retreat (Spanish Couples)
  • Riverside Marriage Retreat (Spanish Couples)
  • San Bernardino Marriage Retreat (Spanish Couples)

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the marriage retreat for Hispanic couples in Southern California?

Retreat Coordinator:  Jorge Herrera (714) 381-3007

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