Donate to a Latino Non-profit Organization That Is Making A Positive Impact


1. We stop domestic violence in Latino families.

2. We prevent elementary children from Latino families getting into gangs.

3. We reduce high school drop out rates by Latino students.

4. We increase the number of Latino students graduating from universities.

5. We lower teen pregnancy.

6. We reduce divorce rates among Latinos.

Our goal is to be a beacon of hope for Latino families, parents, young adults, students, and children within our community that need guidance and assistance to improve lives through skill based education. We continue to work hard and smart in developing effective programs that make an immediate impact and long-term contribution through collaborative teamwork in our local communities.

ALMA FCC offers corporations, schools, foundations, government, and individuals an opportunity to put Latino families, teens, and children at the center of their charitable giving to promote and inspire positive change.

We are seeking to raise funds to improve our capacity, infrastructure, and increase the number of certified trainers to serve the ongoing needs of our Latino communities. Your tax deductible donation and thoughtful support helps us move forward in making our vision and mission a reality. Thank you for being part of a caring organization!

Please call us regarding your donation: (714) 381-3007

EIN: 20-5643745  / CA Non-profit Corp #: C2892677